Cream pink cotton trousers
Cream pink cotton trousers
Cream pink cotton trousers
Cream pink cotton trousers
Cream pink cotton trousers
Cream pink cotton trousers
Estivo Napoli

Cream pink cotton trousers


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Envision a pair of classic cream-pink pants that effortlessly capture the essence of timeless elegance. This exquisite garment isn't just clothing; it's a testament to refined taste and sophistication. Designed with a place for a belt, these pants offer versatility and the perfect fit, ensuring you look impeccably polished at all times. The cream-pink hue is where these pants truly shine. It's a soft, inviting colour that exudes warmth and gentleness, making it an ideal choice for any occasion where grace and poise are key. Whether it's a garden party, a sophisticated brunch, or an elegant evening event, this delicate shade of pink adds a touch of serenity and charm to your ensemble.

Focusing on the colour, it's important to note how beautifully cream pink blends with a variety of tones. It pairs wonderfully with soft whites for a monochromatic look, rich navy for a classic contrast, or even metallic accessories for a hint of glamour. This versatility makes the pants a staple in your wardrobe, ready to adapt to your style needs with ease. The inclusion of a place for a belt not only adds a practical element, allowing for adjustable comfort and fit but also presents an opportunity to accessorize. A slender, elegant belt can accentuate the waist, adding structure to the outfit, while a statement belt can transform the look entirely, offering a canvas for personal expression.

Style -  Classic, Luxury , Traveler
Collection -  Estivo Napoli
Color - 
Composition -  100% Cotton, 275 g/sm
Pattern -  Plain
Fabric -  653029
Standard nylon zipper

Standard nylon zipper

No cuff

No cuff

Quarter-top pocket (cross)

Quarter-top pocket (cross)



Size chart

Size (cm) S M L XL XXL
Chest 91-94 96-101 104-107 109-114 117-122
Size (po/in) S M L XL XXL
Chest 36-37 38-40 41-42 43-45 46-48
Size (cm) XS S M L XL XXL
Waist 71-76 76-81 81-86 86-91 94-101 104-112
Size (in.) XS S M L XL XXL
Waist 28-30 30-32 32-34 34-36 37-40 41-44

For underwear, if you are between sizes we recommend choosing the smaller of the two. Ex: If you're a 34" waist, go with a Medium.
Size ((EUR) cm) M L XL XXL
Size 40 - 41.5 42 - 43.5 44 - 45.5 46 - 47
Size ((US) po/in) M L XL XXL
Size 6 - 7.5 8 - 9.5 10 - 11.5 12 - 13

Always take 2 inches more than the size of the pants. Ex: If you're a 34" waist, go with 36".

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