Winter blue prince of wales wool trousers
Winter blue prince of wales wool trousers
Winter blue prince of wales wool trousers
Winter blue prince of wales wool trousers
Winter blue prince of wales wool trousers
Winter blue prince of wales wool trousers
Black Ice Flannel - Vol. 2

Winter blue prince of wales wool trousers


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Step into the limelight of elegance with our exclusive custom-made trousers in a mesmerising blue - your secret weapon to creating a lasting impression. Ignite a spark of style revolution with these unique, made-to-measure trousers, dipped in a captivating shade of blue. This hue, reflecting the endless ocean and the boundless sky, is the ideal choice for the modern gentleman who values depth and versatility in his style. These blue trousers are your ticket to making a standout fashion statement at every formal event, bustling workday, or laid-back casual gathering. Immaculately tailored, these trousers encapsulate a flawless blend of comfort and sartorial sophistication. The fit honours the masculine form, weaving together modern design sensibilities with classic aesthetic elements in perfect harmony.
The true essence of our trousers lies in the choice of fabric and pattern. Made of 100% wool, they are a testimony to the enduring allure of luxury and durability. The material is extraordinarily soft to the touch, renowned for its exceptional thermal properties and breathability, making these trousers your reliable fashion companion throughout the year.
The iconic Prince of Wales pattern imparts an aristocratic edge to these trousers. This grid-style design brings a touch of regal sophistication, adding a visually enthralling element to the trousers' overall aesthetic.
Wait no longer - usher these custom blue Prince of Wales pattern trousers into your wardrobe today. This is not just a purchase, it's an investment in superior quality, unmatched class, and an enduring sense of style.

And remember, to achieve the perfect fit, make an appointment with one of our expert stylists. They're eager to assist you in customizing these trousers to suit your taste and measurements. Schedule your appointment today and let us curate your style journey with a pair of trousers tailored to perfection.
Style -  Fall / Winter Essentials, Weekend Wear, Business
Collection -  Black Ice Flannel - Vol. 2
Color -  Blue
Composition -  100% Wool, 290 g/sm
Pattern -  Glen Plaid
Fabric -  660329
Standard nylon zipper

Standard nylon zipper

No cuff

No cuff

Quarter-top pocket (cross)

Quarter-top pocket (cross)

Matte dark blue

Matte dark blue

Size chart

Size (cm) S M L XL XXL
Chest 91-94 96-101 104-107 109-114 117-122
Size (po/in) S M L XL XXL
Chest 36-37 38-40 41-42 43-45 46-48
Size (cm) XS S M L XL XXL
Waist 71-76 76-81 81-86 86-91 94-101 104-112
Size (in.) XS S M L XL XXL
Waist 28-30 30-32 32-34 34-36 37-40 41-44

For underwear, if you are between sizes we recommend choosing the smaller of the two. Ex: If you're a 34" waist, go with a Medium.
Size ((EUR) cm) M L XL XXL
Size 40 - 41.5 42 - 43.5 44 - 45.5 46 - 47
Size ((US) po/in) M L XL XXL
Size 6 - 7.5 8 - 9.5 10 - 11.5 12 - 13

Always take 2 inches more than the size of the pants. Ex: If you're a 34" waist, go with 36".

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